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Student Comments
Parent Comments

I am so glad that my teaching style has inspired many kids of different ages and attracted them to fall in love with science. 

“That definitely helps to draw the picture. I will keep that voltage divider 'pie' in mind here on now. Thank you. It was very detailed and easy to understand! ... It is very important to understand the fundamentals and concepts behind each question. ”

— Sophie, GA high school senior now admitted to Georgia Tech

“You were guiding me to solve the problem on my own instead of giving me a quick answer.  I ”

—Jack, CA high school junior now graduated from UCB

“Physics became easy and physics makes sense after I met you.”

— Jack, high school senior now graduated from UCSB

“I fell in love with physics because of you! I changed my ID to be 'in-love-with physics'.”

— PeaceJ , 6th grade, from Beijing

“I feel so happy that all my wonders and questions are answered by Prof. Man in such a detailed way. She always asks me more questions back. The more I think and discover the happier I am. ”

— Frank, 5th grade, from Fujian

“I did that 'paper pot' experiment for 14 times and finally got boiling water without leakage. These courses helped really taught me how to think like a scientist and how to solve problems like an engineer.”

— Lina, 6th grade, from Beijing

“The biggest difference of this camp is that we were learning and playing one the same time. It's  so cool. I really enjoyed it. I will always be there whenever you have a camp. ”

— Hao, 6th grade, from Hongkong

“My daughter loves physics even more than math now, simply because of Prof. Man's charm. Prof. Man's cultivation of girls' self-confidence in science or physics is really unmatched. The power of a role model, the power of encouragement, and the power of passion.  I was really moved. ”

— Echo,  a mom of a grade-5 girl, from Shanghai

“You planted the seed of desire in his heart. His passion for physics was because of your enlightening education. He loved your physics camp so much. I asked him: "Don't you feel tired doing those experiments that many hours a day?". He said: "Those experiments were so fun. You would never feel tired when you love it. ”

— Pei, A mom of a grade-7 boy, from Henan

"...I have only see this level of mechanics application and bridge-design contest at the Department of Architecture, Tsinghua Universit, but they are only kids! Learning feels so good! The power of true love is so great! Together with Prof. Man, not only the children but also mothers like us are on our way of learning."

— YY, A mom and a graduate of Tsinghua University

“Prof. Man! One of a kind! One of a legend! Thank you for guiding our children in so many aspects, i. e. habits, physics, mathematics, and culture.”

— Catherine, a mom of a boy and a girl, from CA

"I learned so much from these courses on my own! I finally understood something that I never got in school. I wish I had you as my physics teacher when I was young. Now even when I look at the moon, it feels different and more delightful, since I  fully understood moon-phase from your course."

—Ruye, a mom of a grade-5 boy, from Jiangsu

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