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Professor Man entered the Gifted Youth Program at Jilin University at the age of 15 and later got her physics Ph. D. degree from Princeton University. She is a tenured full professor with 10+ experience in teaching physics.  The scientific research team she leads is conducting research on soft condensed matter physics, disordered materials, quasicrystals, photonic bandgap materials, and nonlinear optics. She published many papers in top scientific journals such as "Nature", "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences", "Physics Review Letters",  and "Nature Communications". She also won CSU's course-redesign award for teaching General Physics using active-learning strategies. 


She is passionate about K-12 science education too and has volunteered to teach science in local schools routinely.  She has the desire to interact with curious kids and always encourages them to ask all thoughts of science questions.  She also does scientific writing and outreach activities on frontier physics topics, targeting the general public who has little physics background. Frontier physics breakthroughs would be lively integrated into these courses. For example, the science behind the first black-hole image in 2019 and every year’s Physics Nobel Prize can be explained to the students at the right level.

Direct interactions with a research-active physics professor can greatly inspire kids’ interests and broaden their vision.




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