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Art of Physics Education's Physics Festival Event Series  (#1):
Physics Behind the Drinking Turkey - Why is Physics so Fun?

​【Who】6-10 graders
【What】Magical physics experimental demonstrations
【When】11/27/2021 Sat. 4:30 PM California time
【Register】Follow this link
 to register through zoom. A unique link to access the zoom meeting will be emailed to you within 24 hours. 

特邀嘉宾:穆良柱,国际物理奥赛中国国家队前领队,北京大学物理学院演示实验室主任。穆教授将为同学们带来一场别开生面的物理演示实验盛宴,带同学们领略物理的奇妙之美,穆教授会用中文做现场解说。​穆长期讲授热学、普通物理、演示物理学等课程, 提出了ETA物理认知规律,被评为北京大学十佳教师,北京市青年教学名师。他曾多次担任物理奥赛国家队教练,率领中国队屡次夺得金牌。


欢迎6-10年级,对自然科学感兴趣,对物理好奇的同学参加。公益活动,免费注册, 欢迎转发。

Art of Physics Education's Physics Festival Event Series (#2):
Physics Is Everywhere Online Contest 2021

【Who】6-10 graders
【What】A physics contest focusing on conceptual questions related to daily life experiences.
【When】One hour of your choice in the week of 12/19-12/26
【Where】AoPE’s online learning platform. English only.   
【Register】coming soon

Art of Physics Education's Physics Festival Event Series (#3):
Public lecture, “Why and How to Learn Physics”

​【Who】6-10 graders and their parents.
【What】A public lecture by Professor Man,
【When】01/15/2022 Sat. 10:30 AM and 4:30 PM California time
【Where】Zoom. English only.
【Register】coming soon

Speaker: Professor Man, 
                    Physics Ph. D. from Princeton University
                    An award-winning college professor with 10+ years of experience. 

Is physics that hard?

Is physics “talent” inborn or acquired?

Why do we study physics? 
Why do German schools start physics in Grade 7?
Why is physics special?
What are essential to master before taking AP physics?
How is physics related to and different from math?
What is wrong with physics education in the USA?
How can we fix it for our kids?
How to learn physics?
What can we offer?