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​Physics is not only about equations and plugging numerical values into different equations. 

Physics is all about Why and How! In our courses, it is curial to use experiments and well-designed logical questions to understand every single law in different subjects of General Physics. 

We encourage students to use their own words to discuss why and how in the weekly assignments. Students are also asked to write optional Essaysto discuss what they learn and how they learn in the courses. 

Here are some selected papers. 

The invisible Hercules, by Jeffery C.  G10, CA

        "This paper focuses on discussing why and how related to various gases laws and tells you how various experiments help the understanding."

Particle Theory vs. Wave Theory, by Lisa Zheng.  G7, CA. 

        "This paper shows what we can learn from a 150-year long debate and includes plenty of diagrams and sketches to help the understanding.

Boring: What Optics Isn't, And How I Got There, by S Chen.  G7, CA. 
       "This author tells us how much more you can learn from this course even if you have known a lot already."

More papers are coming soon in early Dec. 2021

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