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SAT II Test Preparation

This course series is not a simple test preparation tool. It utilizes multiple active-learning strategies and focuses on understanding and reasoning so effectively that students with zero physics background can master physics well enough for scoring high the SAT II  Physics test, without any extra preparation. (Once one clearly understand some physics concept or laws, it will become part of him/her and hard to forget.) SAT II level physics questions are discussed and practiced throughout the course for every topic. The content of the course is often deeper conceptually than what SAT II physics requires. 

AP Physics Test Preparation:
This series of courses covers 90% of the concepts and principles for AP 1, AP 2, and AP C exams.  After finishing the mechanics, Thermal Physics, Optics, and Electromagnetism of this series, you should be ready for taking AP C (skipping AP1 and AP2 or at least AP1).  For example, you will understand lens imagings and their applications so well through hands-on experiments that related questions on AP tests would be quite easy for you. You will understand the different reasons and conditions for momentum conservation and energy conservation respectively so well that you would never need to guess which equation to use for your AP C mechanics course.  
Fma contest Preparation:
After mastering our Mechanics courses, you will be ready for vigorous physics competition training courses. 
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Small-Group Test Preparation Programs (TBD)

Quick SAT II Physics Preparation-  hours

11th-grade students who are too late to finish the course series before their SAT II exam may contact us privately for quicker or more frequent arrangement possibilities. 

AP 1 and AP 2 Exam Preparation-  hours


F=ma Physics Competition preparation -  hours 


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