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At the price of one week of summer camp, enjoy 4 months of professional physics education. 

Early bird discount: 
$50 Off/purchase, 
before Aug. 21, 11:59 PM


Class starts: 9/4/2020

First-year special discount:

Register both Thermodynamics and Optics together with a much lower price. 

Seats are limited.

Please do not register until you are ready to enroll.


How to register for courses with Art of Physics Education


Our students need to register for our course website through Google and then self-enroll the courses by making a payment.


Seats are limited. Please do not register until you are ready to enroll.


  1. Visit the course registration website

  2. Register yourself to our website through google. (Sorry that we can only support this option currently.) 


  1. You will be taken to Google login page to login using your Google credential, which we can’t check or access. 

  2. Check your Gmail and follow the link in the email to confirm your account application.

  3. The link will take you through a privacy notice, cookie policy,  and consent page. Once completed, you are registered on our course website.

  4. You will see available courses currently being offered, click on a course to enroll. Then click on the “Send payment via PayPal” button.

  5. You will be taken to the Paypal website where you can pay either with your PayPal account or using a credit card without needing a PayPal account.


  1. Once payment is processed, you will be automatically enrolled in the course. Please bookmark the course registration site,, so you can come back to access course materials and content.

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