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Free public lecture Aug. 15 10:30 PST

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Way to success

Physics is not hard if you meet the right teacher who focuses on understanding and reasoning

Learning through inquiry 

The active learning processes allow you to discover the underlining physics principles on your own.

Different Appoaches

Dive deep in the well-designed hands-on experimental assignments and critical thinking assignments for each lecture. 

Affordable and classic

At the price of one week of summer camp, enjoy 4 months of professional physics education. 

News and events
Free public lecture:
"How to learn physics effectively ?"

Aug. 15, 10-11 AM PST​

  • Myth: Physics is so hard!

  • What is now missing in USA's physics education? 

  • Why do we learn physics?What are essential to master before taking AP physics?

  • How is physics related to and different from Math?

  • Is the ability to easily learn physics born or acquired?

  • How to learn physics effectively?

     I fell in love with physics because of you! I changed my ID to be 'in-love-with physics.

— PeaceJ  from Beijing



    My daughter loves physics even more than math now, simply because of Prof. Man's charm. Prof. Man's cultivation of girls' self-confidence in science or physics is really unmatched. The power of a role model, the power of encouragement, and the power of passion.  I was really moved.

— Echo from Shanghai



   Together with Prof. Man, not only the children but also mothers like us are on our way of learning.

— YY from Beijing 



         Prof. Man! One of a kind! One of a legend! Thank you for guiding our children in so many aspects, i. e. habits, physics, mathematics, and culture.


— Catherine from CA



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