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Student Feedback

We are sorry that within 5 days after we started registration the enrollment for Fall 2020 reached our limit. New students typically wait 6 months or more to get a spot to start. All current students are granted to have a spot to continue the course sequence. 

Early in the spring, we are often fully booked for the rest of the year. The next round of our course sequence (Thermodynamics, Optics, Mechanics, and E&M ) will start in May 2024.

All new student needs to fill in an application form, and we will contact you via email when we have openings.  

(Keep an eye on email from

Please fill in this form only if you are seriously interested and ready to pre-enroll.  ​Thank you.

Way to success

Physics is not hard if you meet the right teacher who focuses on understanding and reasoning

Please click the following links for detail

How to use the resources of interactive assignments with instant feedback and how to understand our weekly learning progress reports?

How to answer the essay part of the assignment?

Where and how to buy the experimental tools? 

A letter to parents from Professor Man  "How to arrange your physics study in the USA".  (This letter is in Chinese) 

All course materials and lectures are in English. 

Learning through inquiry 

The active learning processes allow you to discover the underlining physics principles on your own.

Different Appoaches

Dive deep in the well-designed hands-on experimental assignments and critical thinking assignments for each lecture. 

Affordable and classic

At the price of one week of summer camp, enjoy 4 months of professional physics education. 

How to learn physics effectively"

Art of Physics Education Special Events (#3):

Public lecture,  by Professor Man

Why is physics important and fun?

What can you do to make physics much easier?

Is there a shortcut for learning physics?

How is physics different and related to other subjects?

What are the common ineffective approaches that you should avoid when you learn physics? 

How to build up a solid foundation in understanding physics laws as well as be prepared for physics tests?

What is inquiry-based active learning?

How can effective physics training prepare you better in many aspects outside of the field of physic?


【Who】6-10 graders and their parents
【Register】Follow this link to get the recorded lecture


     I fell in love with physics because of you! I changed my ID to be 'in-love-with physics.

— PeaceJ  from Beijing



    My daughter loves physics even more than math now, simply because of Prof. Man's charm. Prof. Man's cultivation of girls' self-confidence in science or physics is really unmatched. The power of a role model, the power of encouragement, and the power of passion.  I was really moved.

— Echo from Shanghai


   Together with Prof. Man, not only the children but also mothers like us are on our way of learning.

— YY from Beijing 


         Prof. Man! One of a kind! One of a legend! Thank you for guiding our children in so many aspects, i. e. habits, physics, mathematics, and culture.


— Catherine from CA





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